Negligence is at the heart of most personal injury matters. It can include:

  • A manufacturer that allows a defective product on the market
  • A driver who hits and kills a pedestrian
  • A landlord whose improper maintenance results in the death or catastrophic injury of a resident.

Regardless of the nature of the case, Gillam & Smith has the expertise to hold the negligent parties accountable and help our clients receive fair compensation for their injuries–all while protecting individuals from the same thing happening in the future.

Our clients have included:

  • Family members of a woman who fell from an apartment balcony to her death,
  • A woman who was raped in her apartment because her landlord failed to provide proper security
  • The family of an 8-year-old boy who was shot and killed by another child in a private home

The families of senior citizens who suffered serious physical injuries because of nursing home negligence.

We’ve built a reputation for our aptitude for taking complex cases to trial, where we successfully persuade judges and juries to side with our clients. We have experience in jurisdictions throughout the region, giving us an edge when we do go to trial.

Our partners are Board-Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and have held leadership positions at prestigious legal organizations dedicated to protecting individuals harmed by negligence, including the American Association for Justice (formerly the ATLA) and the Texas Trial lawyers association.

Our lawyers’ deep roots in East Texas, combined with our exceptional courtroom skills, mean our clients receive the best possible representation in their negligence cases. If you are an attorney seeking co-counsel or trial counsel, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

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