Contracts are one of the foundations of our economy.

Businesses and individuals must be able to rely on contracts with vendors, employees, partners, and other parties to protect the interests of everyone involved.

When the terms of those contracts are violated, Gillam & Smith has the experience and skills to seek justice and mitigation on behalf of our clients.

We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court in a variety of breach of contract claims. Both of our partners are certified as Civil Trial Advocates through the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Our track record includes one of the largest verdicts ever delivered in a commercial litigation case in the Federal Court located in Marshall, TX.

On behalf of our clients, the attorneys at Gillam & Smith leverage their exceptional legal expertise and combine it with comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of Texas courts and legal proceedings.

This expertise has allowed us to create a track record of numerous successful breach of contract cases on behalf of our clients. Contact our offices today to speak with one of Gillam & Smith’s experienced attorneys.

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